How to Crochet : Reverse Single Crochet

23May 2020

Hey everyone! It’s been very busy for KnitcroAddict with a lot of new projects, including some guest posting that I will be doing soon. So excited, stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s learn about the reverse single crochet stitch.

I call it the reverse single crochet, but it is also known as a crab stitch. It’s very good for working in the round, or in the row. I mostly use it as a border or edging because of the nice finish it makes.

Here is a quick little tutorial I made to demonstrate with a small basket. I’ll include a written instructions on my blog 👉🏻

If this tutorial doesn’t quite fulfill your crochet desires, you could always head back into the archives with something like this Crochet Lacy Summer Top here 👉🏻

Check me out here ⬇️


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