How to Do Guest Posting (or) Blogging in Tamil | Off page SEO Tutorial in Tamil | #32

14August 2020

In this video, you will learn What is Guest Post in SEO and How to Do Guest Post ? Guest Post Sites List 2020. Step By Step How To Do off Page SEO For Boost Website Traffic and Ranking. Please do watch the complete video for in-depth information. So don’t forget to watch the entire playlist.
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1. What is Guest Post

Guest post is the most common Off-page SEO technique.
The guest post accepting websites create quality backlinks for your website once you submit unique article.
Guest post sites are the best platform for relevant searches. When users search for something, these sites probably come to the top SERPs.

2. Benefits of Doing Guest Post
Will get quality links back to your website.
Will get relevant traffic to your website.
This will improve the Domain Authority of your website.
This will Improves your website ranking in all the Search Engine
Increase online visibility of the website

3.How to Find Guest Post Sites
There are many blogs open for the guest post, Search on Google in this way:

Keyword +intitle: “write for us”
Keyword +intitle: “become a contributor”
Keyword +intitle: “contribute”
Keyword +intitle: “guest blogging”

Digital marketing +intitle:” write for us ”

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