How To Do Guest Posting

4July 2019

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Guest posting is one of the best methods of getting quality backlinks to your website. It’s natural and doesn’t involve any tricky or sneaky ways that will offend Google. In fact, this is the type of links that Google loves.

Guest posting involves posting article on other websites and then having a link in the article pointing back to your site. For a great resource on guest posting, checkout this article on Ahrefs.

Caution: when you write articles for other websites, your primary motive is not to get a link to your site but to provide useful content that will help their readers.

Many of the sites will not accept your article if they think you are writing it for the sole purpose of getting backlink.

Providing useful content should be your primary goal. Once you do this, you’ll get the backlink as well as exposure for your business.

Also, it’s not about quantity but quality of the article. You should be writing for blogs that have the potential to send targeted referral traffic to your website. So a bit of research about the website you want to write for is adviseable.

This is where you consider metrics like: Domain Authority and the traffic volume the site is getting.

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