How To Drive Tons Of Pinterest Traffic To Your Blog

23February 2019

How To Drive Tons Of Pinterest Traffic To Your Blog Pinterest is one of my favorite social media sites that I use for business. It’s my favorite because it’s driving a lot of traffic with relatively small amount of work put in it and it’s very easy to use, you just pin images and traffic starts coming to your blog.
Now, if you would like to go a little more advanced then here are some Pinterest strategies:
Curate: Don’t just pin your own images, share other people’s content as well, the more great images you pin the faster you will build an audience and this is what you are after, because an audience will help you drive the most traffic. Pin big, long images, if you are in internet marketing niche then pin a lot of infographics those get the most attention.
Use hasthags: this will help you get more attention to your pins also write decent descriptions – the same benefit.
Pin daily: Of course you wont get thousands of visitors coming to your blog from day one, you will need to work for it, just make it a habit to pin good images that are related to your niche.

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