How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest (in 2020): Join the BEST Pinterest Group Boards

8January 2020

How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest (in 2020): Join the Best Pinterest Group Boards
From this video you will learn what is the current situation with Pinterest group boards – are they an approved method for the promotion of your content? Are they still efficient?
Is it possible for a new account to get accepted to group boards?
How do you choose which group boards are the best so they are worth your time and effort trying to get access to them?
And also, should you start your own group boards? If yes, how do they help you with your Pinterest strategy?

Another question I’m getting asked quite often is whether or not you should create your own group boards and how to manage and grow them.


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How to find group boards on Pinterest, how to choose the best ones, and how to join them?

Next thing you need to do is to make sure your account looks good enough for people to consider you as a contributor on their board.
– Don’t try to apply to group boards when your account is almost empty. Create at least 10 boards and have at least 30 pins on each board, so that people can open your profile and understand your niche based on the titles of your boards.
– Make sure you added keyword-reach descriptions to your boards which don’t look spammy at the same time. A list of keywords is not a good idea. If group board owners can see that you use spammy methods on your own account, why would they trust you and invite to their boards?
– Have a verified site on your account because when you ask for access to group boards, people will want to see the quality of your content, and to check which topics you mostly cover on your site, what your niche is. When you don’t have a verified site on the profile, it’s impossible to know what kinds of content you intend to publish on their group boards.
– Ideally, you should have at least one board that has a large collection of pins linked to your verified site. Because when they come to your profile, they don’t want to scroll down for ages in your pins and boards, until they find at least a few of your original pins. Having one or several boards that have pins from your site only, makes it easier to analyze the quality of your pins, and see if there is a match in terms of niche or topics.
– When you send a request by email or contact form, make sure to provide your email you use to login on Pinterest (no password of course, just let them know your email address). That’s because in many cases, Pinterest can’t find new accounts just by searching for profile name. I suppose this happens because they are not yet indexed or registered in some base for search. Anyway, it’s a fact that not all the profile names can be easily found when a group board owner is inviting you, so the email address is an alternative that helps sometimes with this issue.

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