How to Generate Traffic: Guest Posting

13February 2019

Drive traffic to your money site from guest posting on blogs

0:00 You can generate traffic by guest posting or guest blogging.

0:04 Some quick and easy free traffic generation tactics.

0:07 One of the most powerful traffic generation methods that’s often overlook is becoming a guest blogger by submitting your content to other blogs and websites.

0:19 Now many marketer submit content to article directories, which might have some benefits but it not quite as powerful as guest blogging is.

0:28 The idea behind becoming a guest blogger is really quite simple.

0:34 You contact the owners of blogs and websites within your niche and offer original content in exchange for a link back to your website.

0:43 It’s quite simple. This has tremendous benefits for church engines optimization because other websites within your market are going to be linking directly to your website.

0:56 Often with the anchor text of your choice meaning whatever your title is, of your article or your guest post.

1:05 This isn’t just about improving your church engine rankings now.

1:09 Since submitting guest post can bring lots of direct traffic as well depending on where you are going to be guest blogging.

1:16 Now how do you go about doing this?

1:19 Now the simplest approach is the direct approach, meaning you would contact web masters within your niche by looking for the top ranking websites for many different key words in your market.

1:30 Now this can be time consuming especially if you’re trying to build a list of many different websites to contact.

1:40 But you could easily outsource this part of the task if you needed to.

1:45 Not everyone is going to agree to accept your contact but that doesn’t matter as long as you get a certain percentage to say yes.

1:54 As you can imagine it is important to focus on high quality content as this will improve your chances of syndication.

2:02 Having high quality content really is going to improve your chance of the website owner or blog owner of accepting your contact.

2:12 The more successful the website is, the more traffic you will be able to generate to your own website.

2:18 So it really is important that you do submit good quality content.

2:22 Now this really is just another form of article marketing.

2:27 But you’re actually going to direct to the important website instead of just hoping that publishers will come and pick up your article from the article directories.

2:39 So you’re going directly to your source.

2:41 Instead of just submitting your article to article directories and hope that other websites pick it up and syndicate it, you’re doing it directly.

2:51 You can basically think of this as article marketing on steroids.

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