How to Get Backlinks with Negotiation and Persuasion

11December 2019

Link building is a game of negotiation and persuasion. This tutorial will teach you how to use these two techniques to get more backlinks.
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Before we begin the video, we want to be clear. Negotiation or persuasion isn’t about tricking people. These are tools to communicate more effectively so you don’t come off too strong in your first email.

Now, a short definition. Negotiation and persuasion are two completely different things.

According to Professor Bontempo from Columbia Business School, negotiation is a mutual exchange of resources for a mutual benefit. Meaning, you’re coming to some form of an agreement.

Persuasion on the other hand is more about changing someone’s mind. It’s subtle, follows a gradual process consisting of small movements. And the idea is to make your end goal their idea. It generally takes a lot more time, but it’s free.

Now, when you’re building links, some links will come fast, others within a medium timeframe, and others can take months.

And in this video, you will learn how these two techniques fit in those categories and how to know when to switch from one to the other to improve your chances of getting a backlink.


1:16 How to differ negotiation and persuasion
2:07 Get some fast links with negotiation
4:46 Build medium-speed links with a mix of negotiation and persuasion
6:35 Get slow links by persuading publishers to link to you
9:26 Mistakes you do not want to repeat when looking for a backlink

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