How to get traffic to your website from Pinterest in 2020

30December 2019

How to get traffic to your website from Pinterest in 2020
In this video, I show how I use Pinterest to drive free traffic to my website.
If you are in affiliate marketing or need free traffic for any other online business – watch this video now to see how Pinterest traffic can help you grow your business faster.
Pinterest for business?
Yes, you may and should use Pinterest to promote your business!
– Did you know that Pinterest is a search engine?
– ​Did you know that Pinterest allows you to connect any of your links to your pins?!
– ​Did you know that there are 300 million monthly active users on Pinterest?
– ​Did you know that 2 million Pinterest pins are sent from one user to another daily?
– ​Did you know that your Pins can be easily created using free sources like Canva?
– ​Did you know there are tools that can help you grow your Pinterest activity on Autopilot?
Pinterest hacks
These days, it’s all about visual stimulation and contact through engaging pictures and videos. And no website has made this more evident than Pinterest.
Pinterest allows users to share photos and other media by “pinning” them to virtual pinboards. Remember the former popularity of cork-boards? Pinterest has brought that concept online in a big way!
The site gets a tremendous amount of traffic, and those users are known to visit the site regularly and to purchase products and visit websites they see there. Now it’s your turn to get the traffic from this fastest-growing social site…
The most interesting part is most people are using Pinterest to search before they spend money to buy something. This is why more than 70 % of content pinned on Pinterest leads
to a business website or affiliate offer! Just check this out:
– 91 % of Pinterest users shopped online during the past 6 months
​more than 80 % of Pinterest users who click on a pin … BUY!!!​
– 88 % of people purchased what they pin!
​more than 80 % of Pinterest users FOLLOW A BRAND (not just a celebrity)
– 52 % of Pinterest users consult before making a purchase
​​more than 40 % of online shoppers (US) purchased something as a result of the Pinterest promo ​average spend on Pinterest is $50 (higher than on any other social media platform)
As a result of all this great activity and opportunities created for its users Pinterest already generates billion of dollars for its users and now it is your turn to get a piece of a pie!

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