How to Google with Advanced Search Operators (9 Actionable Tips)

3September 2019

With over 130 trillion pages in Google’s search index, this tutorial shows you how to use Google advanced search operators like a pro with 9 actionable tips and tricks for marketers.
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Google’s job is to provide users with the most relevant search results. And seeing millions and sometimes billions of search results can be overwhelming.

This video shows you how to get better search results and explains 9 effective combinations that you can use in your marketing and SEO processes.

Note: There are over 40+ working Google search operators. This video covers 10 of them. You can see the full list of Google advanced search operators here:

Here’s a breakdown of the video:

In the first couple of minutes, you’ll learn how the following search operators work and see examples in action:

► site:
► –
► “quotation marks”
► OR
► (brackets)
► filetype
► intitle:
► inurl:
► intext:

The rest of the tutorial is dedicated to teaching you actionable Google search tips that you can use to save time and get better search results.

Tip #1: Find site indexation issues (1:48)
Tip #2: Find people who are stealing your content without your permission (2:54)
Tip #3: Find files that you don’t want to be in Google’s search index (5:16)
Tip #4: Find brilliant ideas for your YouTube thumbnails (5:58) – Hint: These search operators work for Google images advanced searches and the same goes for Google videos.
Tip #5: Find guest posting opportunities (6:38)
Tip #6: Find resource pages and round-ups for link building (8:50)
Tip #7: Find all of the social profiles of a person you want to reach out to (10:23)
Tip #8: Find sites that feature infographics (11:22)
Tip #9: Find opportunities to add internal links (12:40)

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