How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest in 2020 – List Building with Free Pinterest Traffic

24February 2020

How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest. Lear how to create pins that covert views on Pinterest into subscribers on your list. List building with Pinterest strategies: learn how to create pins that works as Pinterest lead magnets, and how to create Pinterest opt in pages.


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I drive tons of free traffic to my site from Pinterest. But you know how else I use Pinterest? I get hundreds of subscribers for my email list from Pinterest!
Hi ! I’m Anastasia of, I’m a Pinterest marketing expert. And if you want to get more of my Pinterest tips on Thursdays, hit Subscribe and click the bell button to get notifications about my new videos!
When it comes to email lists, I’m used to hearing skeptical voices, such as email marketing is an old-fashioned strategy that doesn’t work well anymore, that people don’t open emails anyway.

I’m a big believer in the power of personalized, targeted emails. The automation tools allow you create segments of your audience and offer each group of people those emails which they definitely will be interested in.

If you are watching this video, you understand at least 3 things:
1. Building your own email list is essential for the sustainability of your online business or blog.
2. You have to use an email automation service not only to feed your subscribers with your new content but also to nurture them and lead to the desired conversion on your site.
3. Pinterest is a great place to get quality leads to your list, and I’m here today to tell you how to do this!
I insist on the necessity of starting your email lists as soon as you started a blog or an online business of any kind. Those people who subscribed to your emails already trust you, they are YOUR audience, independent from any spam clean-ups, algorithm changes, issues with blocked ad accounts that often happens on Facebook.

Your email list gives you confidence and stability, so start building a list and nurture your audience!
I know a lot of you guys listening to me now, have this very typical question. Ok I will start a list, but what will I send to my list or a regular basis? And how does this extra work help me make more money with my website?

First, you can send them any content updates you have – be it links to your new blog posts, new podcasts, Youtube videos, new Facebook lives, new printables, webinars, checklists.

Second, about increasing your income thanks to email list. From my own experience with this Youtube channel and my blog content, if you offer your audience meaningful free information that helps them one way or another.

And if you do this on a regular basis, your chances to close a sale or get an affiliate commission with warm audience, are much higher.

You probably have seen on a lot of sites, sign-up forms that offer users to subscribe for their new content. This is a good way to build trust as well, but what works even better is opt-in freebies.
1. Simple Freebies – something useful for your audience, for example, if you are writing for mom bloggers, you can offer them a list of your favorite free eBooks that helped you improve your productivity as a blogger.
2. Printable cheat sheets – recommendations for any topic that reveal important points everyone forgets about.
3. Sign-ups for free courses. I have one like this for my audience helping new bloggers learn the process of setting up a new blog and giving some idea about the ways a blog can be monetized, how to choose a niche and so on.

Now I think it’s best to switch to my screen so that I can show you the best examples of pins that can work great for driving you email subscribers and leads.
I found a few great examples of pins that are made specifically to convert Pinterest users into email subscribers. These pins have something in common – they usually show the actual offer that people will get – be it a printable file, a free course, a printable wall art for home.
For example for pins with free courses, it’s the best practice to use a call to action, something like “Enroll for Free!” or just an arrow like on this pin.

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