How To Increase Pinterest Traffic When You Hit A Plateau

24March 2020

I had a client recently whose Pinterest traffic had plateaued after months of incredible growth, and she came to me for Pinterest tips and tricks.

She had used my unique pinning strategy and gotten her account up to 450,000 monthly viewers in less than 60 days.

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Then suddenly her traffic plateaued and she could not get over 450k for a few weeks. She finally reached out to ask for some Pinterest tips and tricks to get her account growing again.

After implementing the strategies below for less than a week, she’s back up to 516,000 monthly impressions.

If your Pinterest account growth has plateaued and you are having trouble getting over the hump, follow these tips to get your traffic growing again.

Pinterest Tips and Tricks
If your traffic has stagnated, then you were probably a regular pinner. But if you do not pin consistently, now is the time to start. Consider pinning at least one new pin a day.

Make sure everything is optimized including board names, pin names, descriptions and you profile. Your entire Pinterest should be rich with keywords anywhere you can put them.

I always suggest setting up rich pins when starting your account. But if you haven’t already, this is a great way Rich Pins are a type of organic Pin format. They provide extra context about the pin by showing extra information and helping Pinterest members find the content they are looking for.

Changing up your strategy can help boost your impressions after a slump. If you are consistent in your pinning strategy, it’s definitely time to switch things up. There are benefits and downfalls to manually pinning and scheduling.

If you consistently manually pin your pins, you might consider some scheduling. Tailwind is a scheduling tool specifically for Pinterest.

Scheduling creates new copies of a pin, so you will have multiple copies of pins with just a few impressions. Pinterest typically recognizes copies, but not always. Sop this might affect your metrics a bit, but clicks are all that really matter.

Manual Pinning
Manual pinning is more time consuming, but if all you have been doing is scheduling than manual pinning is going to be a game changer for you.

Facebook has blogging groups dedicated to share threads. A share thread is a post in which all participants reciprocate liking, sharing, following, commenting, or whatever the share thread requires.

This is not great for new accounts. Because it requires people to repin, they may not always have a relevant board to pin your content to. This can confuse Pinterest in being able to decipher what your pin is about.

But if you have an established account and are looking to increase traffic, share threads can help move the needle.

Increasing engagement within Pinterest can help Pinterest “like” your account more. You want to build a community and be useful. Offer value and increase visibility.

I recommend following 5-10 new accounts a day that are relevant to your interests. Following other account offers those user value.

I also recommend commending on 5-10 pins a day. This will help to increase your visibility and offer value to those accounts as well.

By this I am not referring to creating new pins about something new. I am talking about sharing new content outside of Pinterest.

Pinterest LOVES new content. Sharing new content from outside of Pinterest is going to help you get more monthly viewers.

Insert an image that is size optimized for Pinterest into your blog post so that the content you share is optimized for Pinterest.

Increase Traffic With These Pinterest Tips And Tricks
Using these Pinterest tips and tricks to vary your strategy is going to help you increase your traffic.

Whether you are a new account or an account whose viewers has recently plateaued, implementing these Pinterest tips and tricks will help get your account over the hump.


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