How To Make an Extra $100-500 Per Month Accepting Sponsored Blog Posts?

28April 2020

How To Make an Extra $100-500 Per Month Accepting Sponsored Blog Posts? – Read the full article here:

In this video I review exactly what sponsored blog posts are and why they can be an effective strategy to earn an extra income from your website. Once you build your blog up to a certain level, other people will be happy to pay you to publish their written content. They’ll get the benefit of more exposure to their website and also a quality backlink which can help their overall SEO. And you will get the benefit of fresh, unique content. Just note that you don’t want to abuse or overdue this method. But if done correctly, it can be a great supplement to your overall blogging strategy and monthly income.

How To Find Quality Guest Post Opportunities (Step-by-Step Guide):

Check your Domain Authority (DA):

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A sponsored blog post is when someone pays you to publish their article to your website. They are paying you for both the content exposure but also the link they place within their content.


1.) Write Compelling & High-Quality Content (6:45)

First things first, you must be publishing frequent and high-quality content to your website. No-one is going to want to write an article for your blog if they notice it’s not updated with consistent, quality content. Make sure before you even think about accepting a sponsored post, that you’re already publishing top-notch content on a consistent basis yourself. This will show people that your website is relevant and up to date.

2.) Increase Your Domain Authority (DA) & Website Traffic (8:11)

Next, you will want to spend some time building up the domain authority of your website (and also your website traffic). Domain authority is a metric that other bloggers will look into before they reach out to you (1 being low and 100 being high). In order to increase your domain authority, you need to be building backlinks to your website. You can do this via guest posting or sponsored content like we’re discussing in this video. Look for blogs relevant to your niche, reach out to them and see if they are accepting guest or sponsored posts. Strive to get your domain authority at a 15 or higher before you start accepting sponsored posts on your own website. Build backlinks on a monthly basis for the best results. To check your own domain authority, you can use a tool such as:

3.) Create a “Write for Us”, “Contribute” or “Advertising” Page (11:01)

Once you’ve built your domain authority up to a 15 or higher, you should start crafting a “Write for Us”, “Contribute” or “Advertising” Page page for your website. This will be a landing page letting other bloggers/webmasters know that you accept sponsored blog posts. This page should include your writer guidelines, topics you accept, pricing etc. These pages tend to rank well in Google, since many people use specialized search queries such as “write for us” + “keyword” to find sponsored content opportunities. I personally have seen a lot of success with my “Write for Us” page here:

4.) Share Your Page, Field Responses & Check for Plagiarism (13:35)

For extra exposure, make sure to share your page you built with other bloggers in your niche. Once you start receiving responses you can get into the groove of selling your sponsored blog post package. Remember, the pricing is up to you since it’s your website, and you can even practice negotiating higher prices as your website grows in readership and authority. One last note I’d like to make is that make sure you check every single sponsored post that gets submitted to your website in a plagiarism checker like Copyscape. You only want to publish 100% unique content to your website.

(Disclaimer: This video goes over what I personally make using this strategy currently ($100-500 per month). There are many variables at play here as you’ll see in this video that will determine what amount is possible for you to make. Altogether, this could be a great strategy for many bloggers looking to increase or supplement their income.)

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