How to Make Money Blogging on Pinterest – I Made $5,781 Last Month with Mediavine Ads on My Blogs

19December 2019

How to Make Money Blogging on Pinterest – I Made $5,781 Last Month with Mediavine Ads on My Blogs. FREE PINTEREST MASTERCLASS:

Pinterest SEO Traffic Masterclass


The Best Pinterest Course for Bloggers [2020] – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets


Do you want to understand how bloggers are making money with free traffic from Pinterest? Today I will show you how I made $5,781 with Mediavine ads on my blogs thanks to organic Pinterest traffic.
I will tell you what are the requirements for your blog to get accepted to premium ad management companies like Mediavine, so that YOU can start making 5-7 times better than you make with Google Adsense, from the same amount of traffic.

1. First, it’s NOT too late to start on Pinterest in 2020

A new website can compete on Pinterest with a 10-year old domain and start getting as much traffic or even more within the first year of active promotion of your content, if you use Pinterest the right way. Your focus should be Pinterest SEO, and it doesn’t matter on Pinterest how many backlinks you have or how high is your domain authority. If you want to learn more about Pinterest search engine optimization, I’ll give you a link to my detailed video about it in the top right corner and in the description below the video.

Another strong objection I’ve heard since the middle of 2019 is oh NOW that Pinterest is a public company, they will just push ads all over the place and organic traffic will drop for everyone. So, it’s too late to start on Pinterest. No, it’s not too late! Google has their Ads in search results for over 10 years now, does it mean that Google SEO is dead and no one is getting any organic traffic from Google? Of course not!

If you compare Pinterest with Facebook and what FB did when they cut reach of public pages and gave priority to sponsored posts on the platform, well you are making a big mistake comparing apples and oranges. Pinterest is a visual search engine with some elements of a social media platform. But it is primarily a discovery platform, it’s not a place where you chat with your friends and family like on Facebook. So as a search engine, and a discovery platform, Pinterest will always be expected to show lots of organic results and not just sponsored pins.

2. Pinterest traffic has a high bounce rate so it’s not worth it even working on this platform!

When I ask how high is the bounce rate you get for Pinterest traffic, they tell me 80-90%. And then I ask, what is your bounce rate from Google SEO? 75% Really? So, because of 5 or even 15% of a difference in bounce rate Pinterest traffic is suddenly not worth it?

I’ll tell you a secret but a bounce rate of about 80% is completely average across most of the sites and niches. And a bounce rate means that someone came to your site, read the first page they landed on, and left your site after reading that page. They didn’t click to any other page on the site, is that a tragedy? Definitely not! Once they landed on your first page, you already earned your ad money anyway.

A high bounce rate could be related to the type of content as well, and whether or not you have a lot of interlinking between different pieces of content on your site. If you have a post targeting affiliate income for example, and have a ton of links to affiliate offers, let’s say to Amazon products. A user goes from the first page they visited on your site, directly to Amazon, you earn your affiliate commission. Your bounce rate is around 80% but who cares, if you are monetizing your traffic by sending people from your site to the affiliate offer anyway?

3. Pinterest Drives Low-Quality Traffic

How do you think I’m getting RPMs of $25 or even higher with Pinterest traffic? Definitely not because Pinterest traffic, which is about 90% of all traffic to my site, is of a low quality. The users coming from Pinterest, are mostly from the United States and that’s what premium ad networks want from you – they want about 80% of your traffic to come from the United States.

4. Pinterest Traffic is Bad because users are on Mobiles

First, it is true that 80% of Pinterest users are using it on their mobile phones. So, what?
If your site is not optimized for mobile experience, you are missing on a huge, huge market and even Google doesn’t rank high websites that don’t have a responsive design.

Another interesting point for you if you are the one doubting the quality of mobile traffic. Mobile users can actually make you a lot MORE ad money than desktop visitors, so Pinterest traffic with the majority of mobile visitors, is actually great for your ad income!

Well, you see now why Pinterest traffic and Mediavine ads make such a perfect combination.


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