How to Make Money on Pinterest 2019 (3 Easy Ways)

17February 2019

3 easy ways to make money on Pinterest – enjoy 🙂
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Pinterest is an awesome platform for traffic generation for all your eCom stores, affiliate marketing, niche websites and blogs.

I’ve been using Pinterest as a key traffic source for almost 2 years now, with awesome results.

In this video, I will show you:

– How to make money with Pinterest
– 3 easy methods to get traffic from Pinterest and convert it into revenue, step by step
– How I am using Pinterest to make money with eCom, affiliate marketing and Adsense

All the details are in the video, but here is a brief outline of what you will learn:

I have 4 sites to which I am getting traffic from Pinterest so far. On just one of those sites, I have had over 228,000 pageviews from Pinterest, since I started the site.

So traffic generation on Pinterest is reasonably easy – and after you get the traffic, all you need to do is monetize it.

In this video, I show everything: how to make money from Pinterest traffic using a few different ways, as well as how to actually get the traffic from Pinterest.

Method 1: Affiliate marketing

Pinterest is perfect if you want to monetize your site and make some affiliate commissions.

Affiliate marketing is great because you don’t need your own product. All you need to do is get your affiliate link, place it on your site, and then drive traffic from Pinterest to the relevant page on your site that has affiliate links.

Whenever someone buys, you will make an affiliate commission, which can be quite high if you’re promoting digital goods or high-priced physical items.

Method 2: Adsense

Adsense is another way of monetizing Pinterest. This method is so easy that it’s completely newbie friendly.

The reason is that in order for you to get paid, you don’t even need to sell anything. All you need to do is put a little bit of code into your website so that your website starts showing Adsense ads.

Then, you need to get traffic to it from Pinterest, and any time someone clicks one of your ads, you will get paid per each click on ads.

Nobody has to buy anything, that’s why it’s extremely newbie-friendly.

Method 3: eCom

Having an online store (eCom store) is another excellent way to monetize Pinterest traffic.

You may not know that Pinterest traffic converts into sales really well. Research data published on Pinterest website says that 50% of Pinterest users say that they research their upcoming purchases on Pinterest, before they make the purchase.

That’s hugely important – because it means there are people on Pinterest actively searching information about the products they want to buy.

So you can get these visitors from Pinterest and then send them to your Shopify store or to your self-hosted WooCommerce site, and convert them into sales.

So how do you actually get traffic from Pinterest to monetize it?

Easy. Here is the full layout:

– Create a business profile on Pinterest

– Fill it out with your information

– Create 15 boards (sub-topics of your main niche)

– Pin other people’s pins to your boards, about 10 per board x 15 boards = 150 pins

– Then grow your followers by following the followers of other related profiles

– After that, pin your content to Pinterest, linking to any URL you want to send traffic to (to your affiliate marketing site, your eCom store, your blog etc)

– Lastly, you need to get into group boards so that you can instantly share this content with thousands of group board followers.

Check out all the details in the video!

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