How to Set up Google Alerts for Passive SEO and Marketing

30August 2019

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up Google alerts to automate 8 SEO and marketing tasks.
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Google Alerts is a free tool that allows you to monitor the web for mentions of keywords and phrases. But there’s so much more to Alerts than basic keywords.

By combining Google advanced search operators with common footprints, you can narrow in on specific search queries for various marketing tasks that will save you hours of time in link prospecting, finding collaboration opportunities, and more.

To create a simple Google alert, just type in a search query, and Google will send you new email notifications based on your search parameters.

This tutorial will go beyond the basics, and dig deeper into solid examples of good alerts you can set up without getting irrelevant results in your inbox.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the alerts:

1. Find unlimited guest posting opportunities without lifting a finger.
2. Monitor your brand for unlinked mentions.
3. Monitor questions in your niche.
4. Find opportunities for free press (and links) from journalists.
5. Monitor your competitors (two easy hacks).
6. Find NAP citation opportunities for local SEO.
7. Monitor for theft of your digital products.
8. Find hyper-targeted interview opportunities.

Take advantage of Google’s free tools and save yourself some time.

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