How to Use Guest Posting to Promote your Youtube Channel

7February 2019

HOW USE GUEST POSTING TO PROMOTE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL // Guest posting is a way of writing content for websites that attract huge audiences every month. Sites such as Thrive Global, Mind, Body, Green, and the Huffington Post attract millions of users every month.

Mind Body Green gets 60 Million unique users per month!

If you guest post or share content on the website on a consistent basis, then people will get to know you, and like what you have to say.

One guest blogging can generate new leads for your business for two reasons:
1. More traffic to your website.
2. Writing for a “big” website adds credibility, and you are seen as a trusted source of information.

The other benefit of guest blogging and guest blogging opportunities is that you can share your YouTube video, and ensure thousands more people potentially can watch your video.

Google and YouTube will also reward you from an SEO perspective for sharing your content.

In this video, I’ll share how to use guest posting, how to guest blog and how to write a guest post to ensure that your videos gain a greater reach. You can do this easily by embedding your videos into websites such as Thrive Global, Mind Body Green, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

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