How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website (Tutorial) ❤️ Path To Free Pinterest Traffic

24September 2020

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website (Tutorial): Here’s The Path To Free Pinterest Traffic

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Tabel of Contents:
00:00 Introduction
01:33 The problems with Pinterest marketing
02:45 The two most effective kind of Pins on Pinterest
03:37 The shape of viral Pinterest graphics
04:05 Characteristics of a Tip-O-Graphic
05:43 The problem with infographics
08:09 Chartacteristics of a Quote Graphic
10:19 The value of stacking images
11:41 Conclusion

Excerpt from video:
In today’s video, I’m going to walk you through how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website tutorial. This is really step-by-step and easy to do. Let’s jump into that. But before we do, I do want to remind you that if you want more extensive and I may add free training, I have a two hour in-depth Pinterest training. I’ll leave the link to that in the description with that. Let’s jump in right now. So let’s jump into using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. I’ve got some really, really good news for you. That is there is tons of targeted and free Pinterest traffic to your website, to your business, to your offers, whatever that happens to be for you. That’s the good news. The good, the bad news is for the most part, most people fail.

They fail to get the traffic that they set out to get on Pinterest or for that matter, any other social platform. So what I want to walk you through here is show, show you sort of the, the, the big problems and what most people do, and then sort of how to correct that so that you get the kind of results that you seek, the kind of results that lead to success for you. So what I want to do here is kind of walk you through a couple of pins on Pinterest, that many people they look at and they think, Oh, that’s, that’s a great pin, but I can tell you that pins like this, which I will call a simple headline pin or like this, a super complicated infographic pin or pins like this sort of short squat product images, really why for the most part, these types of pins do not work.

They do not drive the kind of traffic that, that you want to, to, to drive. And that is actually available to you. The potential is definitely there. So let’s, instead of showing you what most people do, which are, again, these sorts of pins, let’s actually jump into what are the most effective pins. And there are two types. First, we call quote graphics. Now, these are inspirational, funny, motivational quotes related somehow to your product or service. The second is Tip-O-Graphics. Now Tip-O-Graphics are super powerful, and this is like five to 20 tips in a tall, thin graphic that also features a product shot, a book, cover, an image of a person. In other words, that’s, that’s by and large, the two most clicked on types of pins on Pinterest. These two, for the most part, at least that we have found in, in our own business.

So let’s jump into this and kind of teach you what you should be doing when you’re creating pins in this way. First off, let’s talk about the shape of a viral Pinterest graphic. They are tall and thin, and I want you to think of the size and shape of a bookmark. Essentially, when I sit down to make a pin, generally, I’m making a pin that’s 300 by 800 pixels sort of bookmark shape, right? And the characteristic of a Tipa graphic here is again, they’re, they’re tall and thin like this they condense content from your book are great tips to use on how to use your product or service, but they’re, they’re beneficial. I want you to kind of think about the tip-o-graphics is sort of graphical representations of very, very succinct and concise content, but useful content. All right. And the other thing that you can certainly do in these Tippo graphics is use colors found on the cover of your book.
If you have a book or product shot or whatever, whatever types of images you are using on the image itself, you want to sort of key off of you want to, you want to contrast, uh, against, because you want, you want your pin to, to pop. And that’s one good way to do that. Another thing of course is to use a picture of a product. Again, if it’s a product that you are selling a book, if you, if it’s that, if it’s a piece of jewelry or, or, or whatever, or a representation of this service that you are selling, or do you want to get people interested in, okay, then a link back to wherever you want to send folks.
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