How To Use Tailwind Tribes to Get Pinterest Traffic for Free

22February 2019

How To Use Tailwind Tribes to Get Pinterest Traffic for Free
Grow Your YouTube With Tailwind Tribes
After you synchronize the related social network, this trial lets you schedule and publish up to 100 Pinterest Pins and/or 30 Instagram Posts before you need to decide if you want to pay for the Plus plan. This free trial also includes 5 Tribes to join and 30 Pins to submit to those Tribes.

The Diy Affiliate invites you to join the Tribe and Create one of Your Own
$15 of Tailwind Plus!
Refer 5 & Get a $25 Amazon Gift card
In addition to a $15 account credit for each referral, you can get a $25 Amazon gift card when 5 or more people you’ve invited sign up and pay for a Plus plan! Limit one reward.

In this tutorial,
You will learn the following
How to join Tailwind and start your free trial
How to Join your Pinterest Account with Tailwind
How to Join your Instagram Account with Tailwind
How to authorize A Facebook Page with Tailwind
How to authorize your Twitter Account with Tailwind
How to Create a pin for Pinterest For Tailwind using
How to Upload an image from your computer
How to schedule pins for Pinterest and Instagram
How to send an image from instagram to Pinterest
What is a draft where it is found and how to use it
What does a tribe mean?
What does a tribe do?
Why you should join a Tribe?
How to join a Tribe
How to create a Tribe
Why you should join The Diy Affiliates Tribe
How joining A Tribe

Why it is important to join Tailwind and create a tribe and start creating more organic Traffic
Reaching 100 X the number of people and grow your Youtube Channel Faster than before

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