I will interview you on my radio station – Guest Posting Services

11April 2020

Link to this service(Special discount)
I will interview you on my radio station – Guest Posting
Since our host, Yaya Diamond, is a performer herself interviews are predominately held on WEEKDAYS ONLY and some Sundays when she is available. Please make sure to free your schedule before you order.  Please be aware we will use a banner to advertise your shout out on our Social Media pages Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is a FREE service as we want to make sure we get as many listeners as possible for you.
Please note this gig offers ONLY PRE-RECORDED EPISODES which means your interview will be pre-recorded and then placed up on the site. You will have your very own show with your name in the title. If you prefer a LIVE INTERVIEW PLEASE GO TO OUR LIVE INTERVIEW GIG. Your interview will go up on Dream Chasers radio and remain. If you would like more time, a copy of the show, an isolated copy of your interview, youtube, or more exposure please consider my extras. Please note we DO NOT offer questions due to the variation of our clients, but we do encourage you to submit questions to us if that will help you feel more comfortable with the process. Our host has been interviewing for 11 years and is great on the fly if that is the way you want to go.

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