I will tweet your message to my 50,000 twitter followers – Guest Posting Services

11April 2020

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I will tweet your message to my 50,000 twitter followers – Guest Posting
I will send your message to 50,000+ twitter followers. My main account has been active for over 8 years. My followers are REAL people. 80% are from North America and the list contains a huge number of book lovers.
I will send one message every second day.
***Please provide me with at least one tweet.   Up to two T’s for Standard and up to 3 T’s for Best Choice.     A tweet has 280 characters including spaces and the URL.   You should keep it under 220 characters to play it safe and to allow other people to retweet.
** I will attach an image to every outgoing post.
This is the PERFECT add-on to your Book Promo campaign. Tweeets are dripped out every 2nd day and if you get 30 posts, the timing will vary so that you hit a variety of different time zones.
Get great SEO value:
your message can show up on Google
use your keywords in your message
place your keywords (as #hashtags) at the beginning of your message. NO links to porn, gambling, hate, pay-day loans, or get rich quick schemes. I can send to an additional 20K followers (70K total) – just ask for custom gig.

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