Is Guest Posting Really Important? [Content Marketing For More Traffic, Back Links & Better Ranking]

3March 2021

What is guest posting? Is it really as important as “gurus” claim? In the previous lesson we brushed up briefly on the topic. It is indeed a very important topic in terms of content marketing.

In this lesson it will be covered in depth and all your questions will be answered…

It’s a known fact that acquiring a higher position in SERPs requires more than just on page optimization.

You’ve probably heard of back-link building. One of the most effective ways to do this is through guest posting.

The problem with this method is that there is a risk involved. If the website you are posted on is considered spammy by search engines their link can infect your site.

On the other side if the spectrum, if you handle your guest posting correctly it can propel your reputation.

In this lesson you’ll learn the strategies that allow you to get the most out of guest posting while avoiding the risks.

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Posting as a guest is a fantastic compliment to your content marketing efforts! It will grant your content exposure not just to your own audience but that of others.

This lesson will explain guest blogging/posting in detail. While watching this lesson you’ll learn how to find the best sites to post on, and how to do it effectively.

The key here is to ensure that what you offer the audience the kind of value that they would expect from your blog or vlog. Anything less will discourage them from visiting your channel or website. That is assuming the blog or vlog owner approves the content.

Moreover, if they do approve a sub-standard content piece it would be cause for concern. If this is the kind of content they accept on their platform…

Then having your brand on there would do more harm than good! Needless to mention the impact it will have on your overall content marketing strategy

Then we’ll wrap it all up with effective techniques to get approved. and ensure that your post gets you the desired results from the audience.

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