Is Guest Posting Still Worth It? | Ep. #157

2October 2019

In Episode #157, Eric and Neil discuss whether guest posting is irrelevant or still effective. Guest posting today works differently than it did before – its main ROI is not to build links, but to deliver value and drive those leads. Listen as Neil and Eric discuss how to best utilize guest posting for your marketing needs.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:28 – Today’s topic: Is Guest Posting Still Worth It? 00:44 – Guest posting is posting on other websites for link building purposes 01:30 – It’s still worth it 01:48 – Before, guest posters get author accounts 02:00 – Now, if you’re given an author account, it will be in a sub-page without indexes 02:32 – DON’T waste your time guest posting for links anymore 02:41 – Focus on guest posting to drive leads 03:13 – Neil talks about his friend, Jason, who specializes in guest posting 03:57 – You will see little to no results on your first 6 months of guest posting 04:00 – It takes a year to get traction 04:29 – Eric shares an article he wrote about YouTube advertising 05:33 – Guest posting has it’s ROIs 05:53 – Focus on delivering value 06:19 – Yields from guest posting will definitely take time 06:41 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Guest posting is STILL relevant as a marketing tool. Do NOT focus on link building – it’s about driving those leads. Make sure you are delivering VALUE in your posts. Leave some feedback:

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