Is Your Website Ranking For This?

25October 2018

Seems like all I hear these days, ‘Is Your Website Ranking’? Well, after watching miles of videos and reading all the forums, Google and the other search engines still use SEO to get you in line on their front pages. It seems a bit unfair that half the time these big player search engines have more than 1 or 2 spots on their own 1st pages. Have you ever wondered who designates rules to these guys?
Website ranking is big business and after some research it seems that, for the most part, these guys make all the rules as well as dole them out. With this in mind, I can only imagine how much money could be involved just to guarantee a #1 position for given length of time. This of course means that the little guys like myself have to really work hard for results.

Recently, I met some new friends that have helped me not only understand all the SEO and marketing necessities better but also showed me an incredible tool to use that opens up the ‘Big Picture’ when doing website ranking. This tool does everything from creating videos to showing your competitor’s backlinks and over 20+ more sneaky good info.
Are you curious yet? Treat yourself and check out what I mean here on my site and if you want to get access to all kinds of free neat stuff for your marketing efforts, sign up here.
If you have interesting thoughts on this subject, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. After a few more weeks I will update you on my site progress. I’ll be an expert at website ranking or die trying…
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