Joanna Szewczyk shares how she makes $100k+ using Pinterest!

5August 2020

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00:58 Peter introduces Joanna
02:51 Joanna introduces herself
06:00 Difference between Pinterest & IG algorithm
09:00 What can Pinterest do for you?
11:07 Pinterest Content
12:14 What projects have you worked on?
14:00 Pinterest Traffic
17:24 Is there a way to see what people are searching for?
18:30 Pinterest Ads
19:23 Does Pinterest work for entrepreneurs?
24:05 What separates people that make it?
29:30 4 Steps to Growing on Pinterest
32:20 Pinterest As a Search Engine
34:50 Joanna’s Coaching and Courses
36:37 How do people find you?
37:12 What made you want to sell courses?
41:21 Is Pinterest the new secret of Ecommerce?

Joanna Szewczyk talks about how she quit her corporate job,
and was able to go FULL-TIME online by building out a Pinterest

She helps Shopify stores scale to the 7 and even multiple 7 figure
level. Her pinterest strategies are something that I’ve never seen

I’ve seen or heard of every single marketing strategy when it comes
to Shopify out there, but this one stumps me. It’s a MUST LISTEN if
you want to grow your business with an entirely new traffic source
that’s completely “BLUE OCEAN”

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