Link Building by Guest Posting (Surge #17, Part 4)

20February 2019

Link Building Strategies that Actually Work – Surge Session #17

Link Building by Guest Posting (Surge #17, Part 4)

The last thing we cover is guest blogging, but we’re going to talk about paying backlinks. You need to purchase them from the right person, the right company.

Paid backlinks give you the ability to have quality content written with your desired anchor text implemented on a site that’s relevant to your company or to the page that you’re trying to rank for and that potentially has a high domain authority. So pretty much you’re getting the cream of the crop when it comes to these backlinks.

It is expensive so you’re not going to be able to do this for every single page or every single keyword that you’re trying to rank for. But it’s extremely valuable. But most of the time, four or five good backlinks is enough to push one of your deep pages to page one.

So a lot of people don’t recognize this, and Google will not tell you this, but deep backlinks are still the most essential element in the ranking of a specific website or a web page for a specific term. We are actually working on a tool for this, we mentioned this last week, called Backlink Patrol.

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