Link Building: Get QUALITY Backlinks FAST and FREE in 2020

5May 2020

Here’s how to get high quality backlinks to your website fast and free. This is the best link building strategy to use in 2020 which will get you quality white-hat backlinks, fast, and without wasting any time.

Today I want to share with you my favorite way to get more links to your site. Your site needs backlinks in order to grow. And here is a pretty awesome way to help your site get do-follow white-hat links without spending any money.

I’ve used this linkbuilding method with success, and I really hope you implement it and enjoy it!


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Brief description of the method:

Today we will be using guest posts to build backlinks, however this is a guest post method with a TWIST.

Step 1: Join the right groups on Facebook

If you head over to Facebook, you can find tons of groups where owners of sites are looking for others to post high quality content on their sites.

If you supply an excellent piece of content for them, you might be able to get a high quality backlink in exchange.

Follow the instructions in the video to find and join those Facebook groups.

Step 2: Analyse the site

Follow my instructions to make sure that the website from which you will be getting the link is actually a high quality website. You want something with a reasonable domain authority.

Step 3: Create the guest post

You can follow this video to create a high quality post: 👉How to write a perfect blog post:

Step 4: You’re done!

And this is wrap – this is one of my most favority link building strategies.


What did you think? If you found it useful, then please leave me a comment below 🙂

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