List of Guest Posting Sites

5December 2018

So I thought each week I would publish a list of guest posting sites that are easy to get approved for. Meaning, as long as you submit high-quality content to the site, they will approve it and publish it on their website. But let me assure you, none of these guest posting sites will approve a guest post that is just rehashed or boring content. So if you want to be successful at guest posting, you have to submit unique and great content. So here’s the first list of guest posting sites. And like I said, next week I will publish another list. Also, the guest posting sites on the list are all sites either I have published to or sites that friends have published on. And sites that are dofollow, meaning they pass PageRank. SO the next question is, How do you submit a guest post? Well with some sites, such as LifeHack, you have to apply to become a guest writer. And if or once you get approved, you need to submit great content, otherwise your guest post will get rejected. And chances are, they won’t give you a second chance to submit a better guest post, so keep that in mind. With some of the other guest posting sites like Savor The Success or, you have to email them and basically ask them if you can guest post on their site. And the best way to do that is by sending them an email that looks something like this, where you have a list of guest post ideas and a list of guest post you’ve recently published on the Internet. That way they can see the quality of your work. And believe me, if you want to get accepted, you will always need to submit examples of your work. Anyway, I hope you find this list of guest posting sites helpful. Be sure to subscribe for next weeks list of guest posting sites. Free guest posting submission sites latest guest blogging submission directories car insurance guest postings directories free guest post submission guest blog post submission without registration submit free directory websites new free guest posting directory sites of april list guest posting submission sites dofollow text entertainment dofollow guest posting guest blogging opportunity sites for submissions top list fast approval do follow+life insurance guest posting directories latest high page rank dofollow free directory submission list free guest posting submission sites UK free guest posting submission site auto approve dofollow high page rank guest posting site list what are some good dofollow guest posting sites? submit a guest post site list 2018 free guest posting submission sites marketing “guest posting submission site” location: “australia” most viewed free guest postings submission on 2018 do follow review submission “insurance company” free guest posting directories make money online best free guest posting directories 2017 guest posting submission sites internet marketing 2018 arts & entertainment – an guest posting submission site dofollow guest posting submission sites without registration guest posting directory free guest postings submission updated guest posting directory list 2018 weight loss top free dofollow web directory list guest postings submission sites for free guest posting submission sites less than 300 words guest posting directories submission with dofollow links list list of dofollow health guest posting directories free+guest posting+submission guest posting+directories+plugin guest posting submission sites for legal benefits and advantages of guest posting directories 2018 free guest posting submission live sites “free guest posting directory websites” adult submission links free guest posting submission websites from canada free guest posting submission sites of India technology free web guest posting directories submission site 2017 dofollow blogs posting list insurance submit a guest post directories wordpress theme huge list of guest posting directories guest posting free submission blogs guest posting directoryz wordpress theme free download guest posting directory submission software top free dofollow web directory list instant approval dofollow guest posting directories list list all top guest posting submission sites with dofollow latest dofollow guest posting sites list dofollow+online guest posting site list for seo finance category related guest posting submission sites “entertainment” publish post + guest posting directory dofollow directory list 3/8/2018 nofollow free guest posting directory list pet food directory submission sites best guest posting directory dofollow backlinks dofollow blog commenting sites list dofollow blogs related with seo dofollow blog list guest posting websites indexed google.

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