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6March 2019


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Joseph asks:
I’ve been doing some keyword research using the KGR method. I’m from England so I set the local volume to United Kingdom on KeywordsEverywhere. My problem is that the local volume is far too low for anything to hit 0.25 for KGR, it feels wrong to use my local volume when the allintitle results include American sites.
So my question is: Can I set my volume to USA instead of UK to do my KGR scores? (my keywords won’t be location related)

John asks:
Should I feature my content as a page or a post? Which is more SEO friendly?

Verl asks:
How long do you wait before dropping a niche site? I have a site that is 8 months old, most articles are more than 6 months old, but none get more than 30 visitors a day. I have made $0 from Amazon. Not too low to be paid but actually 0 sales with a few clicks according to Amazon’s metrics. Did I pick a bad niche? Is it time to pivot?

Jack asks:
What locations do you choose UpWork writers from? Asia or Europe or Americas? What do you prefer based on your experiences? Thanks Doug.

Richard in the UK asks:
I currently have quite a few pages that are not being found by Google/not ranking (I’m using Serprobot to track them).

I’d like to re-use/re-cycle these pages using better KGR-optimised keywords, but I’m unsure what the best way forward is. Would it be best to delete these underperforming pages/keywords and then just create a new page with the better keyword, or is it better to create the new page with the better keyword and then have a 301-redirect from the old page to the new page?

I hope this makes sense, and any help is greatly appreciated, your YouTube channel has helped immensely!

About Niche Site Project:

DOUG CUNNINGTON, PMP writes about SEO, productivity, project management, and niche sites. His work has been featured all over the web, including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

I am an internet marketer and a Project Management Professional (PMP, certified in 2008 by the Project Management Institute).

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