Make Money With Pinterest Traffic: Turn $5 Into $1,000

3December 2018

Make money on Pinterest: Pinterest can make you a lot of money if you know how to use it correctly. On today’s call we look at Pinterest Marketing with Stefan Ciancio.

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Pinterest is a very underrated way to make money online. You can make money on Pinterest in a variety of different ways.

Today I’ve interviewed Stefan Ciancio, a guy who knows Pinterest marketing back to front.

Stefan’s been crushing it on Pinterest, and the interesting way to think about what he’s doing is that he’s turning $5 into $1000 on Pinterest.

How? Well, he pays $5 to writers to create a blog post for him. Then he drives FREE Pinterest traffic to these blog posts, and in many cases these little $5 investments have turned into $1,000 or more in various types of revenue on his blogs.

So in this video we’re going over Stefan’s Pinterest tips, and exactly how to make money with Pinterest, and how Stefan is using it to drive traffic to his money making blogs.

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