Methods of Digital Marketing: SEO , PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing [SEO Course Lesson 2/52]

18January 2020

Methods of digital marketing: SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), Email Marketing, Social Media and more. This is lesson 2 of 52 of this 5 hour free SEO course. Subscribe for all upcoming sessions!
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SEO Course Video Lessons:

Introduction to the Course:
Methods of Digital Marketing:
How to Choose a Domain Name:
Parts of a Website Address:
How to Choose a TLD: Top Level Domain:
Different CMS Options for Your Site: Content Management Systems
SEO Friendly Website Design and Layout Tips
Useful WordPress Plugins for Your Site

SEO Basics:
Introduction to SEO
Ranking Factors Google Considers While Crawling Your Site
Site Metrics: DA, PA, PR
How to Check Site Metrics
How to Create Search Strings for Targeted Searches
How to Create Multiple Search Modifiers for Advanced Searches

On-Page SEO:
Introduction to On-Page SEO
SEO Friendly Site Structure: Do’s and Don’ts
How to Create a Sitemap
How to Create a Robots.txt File
Finding Site Errors and How to Use Redirects: 301s, 302s, 404s
Keyword Research: Introduction
Keyword Research: In-Depth Demonstration
Optimizing On-Page SEO Elements

Off-Page SEO: Link Building
Introduction to Off-Page SEO
100+ Link Building Strategy Ideas: Part 1 (Idea #1 to Idea #30)
100+ Link Building Strategy Ideas: Part 2 (Idea #31 to Idea #60)
100+ Link Building Strategy Ideas: Part 3 (Idea #61 to Idea #128)
Link Earning Ideas
Anchor Text Usage While Building Links
Nofollow Links vs Dofollow Links
What a Good Link Looks Like
Creating and Using Search Strings to Find Link Opportunities
Guest Posting Tutorial
Unlinked Brand Mentions Tutorial
Resource Link Building Tutorial
Competitor Backlink Analysis Tutorial
Internal Linking Tutorial
Roundup Posts Tutorial
Using Expired Domains & Shut Down Businesses for Link Building
Reclaiming Links to Social Profiles and 404s
Conduct Reverse Image Searches: Find Sites Using Your Images Without Permission
Conducting Automated Customized Bulk Outreach for Link Requests
Recording Links Built Properly and Getting Notified of Links Deleted or Removed

Local SEO:
Introduction to Local SEO
Setting up Your Google My Business Page
Formatting Your NAP for Citation Building
Finding Sites to Build Citations On

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