New Backlink Technique – The Reverse Guest Post

1January 2019

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Generate backlinks using the reverse guest posting technique
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In today’s video we have a new backlink technique called the reverse guest post.

It is an easy way of getting short-term immediate links to your money site that leads to a trickle of growing links over a long period of time.

So in this session, we will be talking about:
– The reverse guest post backlink technique for getting links to your money site.
– Short term and long term objectives (and results)
– Setting everything up (templates, scripts, example)

The first thing you want to do is set up a page dedicated to accepting guest posts and contributions.
Create a page outlining the types of guest post you would accept on your site. Apply the minimum quality guidelines (so it can rank) and include content relevant to both your niche and guest posts.

The second thing you want to do is share your page with sites that link out to sites that accept guest posts from immediate links.
There are many sites that have lists of guest-post accepting sites (and new ones pop up every week!)
Craft your own message or use one of our templates. We saw a 23% success rate from cold emails.

The third thing to do is rank the page for long-term links.
As time passes and the page accumulates links, you will accumulate link juice which you can redistribute throughout your site with internal links.

Download the complete guest post list here!

Get the complete email templates now!

To learn more, continue watching this video!

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