OFF Page SEO Techniques for 2020- Rank Higher And Faster With The Proven Off Page SEO Techniques.

27September 2020

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Date: September 27, 2020
Position: 1 (Philadelphia Painters)
In this video you’re going to learn a tactical, yet strategic way to rank a “Painting” website on the first page of the Google search results for even the most difficult keywords. We will be going over How we used OFF page SEO to rank the website #1 o Google for multiple keywords.


One we optimize the websites On Page SEO, then we focus on Off page SEO of the website, Off page SEO includes optimizing for google my business, social channels, directories, citations, backlinks, reviews and guest posting.

Off Page SEO – 2020

Optimize Google My Business to have a descriptive listing for Google to understand and categorize your business to your services.

2. Social channels

Optimize all of the social channels such as facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube etc to create credibility for your website and social presence.

3.Directories (NAP)

Make sure your business Name, Address and Phone Number is optimized for click and remain consistent across all of the directories.

4. Citations

Publish your listing on all major business citation such as Yelp, yellow page, Apple, Bing, Amazon , Google etc to have a consistent citation. Having a correct and consistent citation will improve your websites rankings.

5. Backlinks

Backlinks is an important ranking factor for websites, backlinks tell google if your website has important. There are two different types of backlinks, Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks pass link juice or power back to your website increasing domain authority and credibility of your websites. No-follow backlinks do nor pass on any power back to websites but it is essential for your website. Most business directories are No-follow links.

6. Reviews

Business reviews tells google whether your business is serving customers and full-filling your business promise. Most of the businesses which rank on the google map packs have high reviews and high ratings, Google wants the users to trust google and have the users coming back to google. So serving credible results to searches is important.

7. Guest post from relevant websites

Guest posting is a great way to reach out to other relevant business in your own niche. Other relevant websites will let you public your blogs or articles on their website and help you get backlinks from guest posting. Guest Posting is a safe and effective way to build backlinks to your website.


The client mentioned to us that they were looking get more leads from the philadelphia area and wanted to focus their efforts in the philadelphia region. Some of the keywords which we focused on are

– Painters
– Philadelphia Painters
– Philly Painters
– Painters In Philly
– Center City painters
– Abington painters

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