Pin Traffic Smasher : Pinterest Traffic Video Series

22June 2020

Pin Traffic Smasher –
How to Drive Pinterest Traffic To Your Site.

Pin Traffic Smasher is a 10 part video series explaining how to setup and brand your company to get traffic from a well built Pinterest image site…

Video #1 : Introduction
Video #2 : How to get invites fast
Video #3 : Things to avoid and be aware of
Video #4 : Knowing and understanding your market first
Video #5 : Keyword, Hash Tags, and Links
Video #6 : Setup, Following, and Interacting
Video #7 : Creating a board
Video #8 : Pinterest Marketing #1 – Pin-it Button
Video #9 : Pinterest Marketing #2 – Contests
Video #10 : Other Powerful 3rd Party Tools

An over the shoulder “88 Minutes” thorough video series. 25% Discount code = YOUTUBE

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