Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2019 – Can you Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog?

3August 2019

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2019 – Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog
From this video you will learn how you can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing even if you don’t have a website.
I will talk about the best affiliate marketing programs for Pinterest.
You will learn if you can use Amazon affiliate marketing on Pinterest.
Your Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy can be built in two ways:
1. Pinterest affiliate marketing without a website (this is when you create direct affiliate links form your pins to the offers you are promoting).
2. Affiliate marketing through Pinterest but when you have a blog or a website (meaning, you will have all the affiliate links on your site, but the pin is not linked to the offer directly).


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Before we move into any details, I want to answer a very common question about affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

People often ask me: can I make money on Pinterest with affiliate links if I don’t have any website?

And in theory, you can because your links will go directly to the site of the product you are trying to sell as an affiliate.

But in reality, you will find out that most of the affiliate programs will require a website upon registration. You will be filling out applications to join any affiliate program or network, and on most of them, you will have to provide a website. Some networks probably will allow you to add links to your social media profiles, and in this case Pinterest would work perhaps. But just be prepared that most of the affiliate programs will require a site.

Another thing you need to check out as soon as you join any affiliate program is whether or not they allow using direct links from social media.

For example, I’m showing you one of affiliate networks – it’s called ShareaSale. It has products from many different niches.

If you don’t know where to start and how to find great affiliate offers, you could start here – it’s just a big network that most probably you will find something for your audience.

Once you are accepted to ShareaSale network, you will have to apply for each individual affiliate program separately. You don’t have access to all of them by default.

So before applying you can open each specific program and read their Terms and Conditions. Some of the programs will specifically focus on affiliate links in social media. But I have to warn you that not all the programs even mention this rule.
Now let me show you how you can create a pin with a direct affiliate link.

I will keep showing you the example of Shareasale.
So we’are going to upload this pin, add a pin description with all the keywords we are trying to target with this pin, and with relevant hashtags. And one of the hashtags will be #affiliate.

You could also use a hashtag #sponsored or #ad.

I don’t recommend doing this mindlessly – you have to actually do keyword research and add all the keywords related to the product you are advertising, otherwise your pin has very little chance to generate a lot of clicks.
This was one way of using Pinterest for affiliate marketing. And another way which could work even better in my opinion is by adding your affiliate links on your website or blog.
An example of such post would be:
Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

In a blog post, you create a collection of great gift ideas and explain why each of these gifts is so amazing. This provides additional value and builds trust, so people read your post and really feel they should buy that gift.

The same applies to products is Picmonkey from my previous example. If I just send them directly to Pincomkey’s landing page, they might get interested but since they don’t know how to use the tool, they will just leave the site without buying.

If you send them to your blog where you explain how to use Picmonkey and why the tool is so great, you are adding value and building trust – and conversions are higher if you use this method. But of course, it requires more work from you, so you could actually try both and see what works best for each specific product or offer.

Now that you know how to create affiliate pins, let me give you more ideas about the best Pinterest affiliate marketing programs:

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