Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – How to Make Money With Pinterest

13July 2019

Check out our Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners updated for 2019. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is a great way to increase your revenue to your business, especially if you are in a niche that is a popular category on Pinterest. Affiliate Marketing can be difficult and the main key is to be consistent and to keep increasing clicks to your website and to the merchants you are advertising for. The more eyeballs you can capture and the more clicks you can continuously drive every day, week, and month, the more you can ultimately earn with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

The first thing you need to do to get started is create a website because you want to both send traffic to your website with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2018-2019 and send traffic to your merchants. Two popular merchants that we work with include Amazon Associates and

Amazon Affiliate Marketing through Pinterest:

ShareASale Affiliate Marketing through Pinterest:

Affiliate Marketing for beginners is when you work with a merchant to help them drive sales to their products or services. When you drive a sale through one of your tracking URLs, you can potentially earn a percentage. For example, if I can drive 100 clicks to a merchant and drive 3 sales, I will earn a percentage of each sale through an Affiliate Marketing network. There are thousands of affiliate marketing networks to choose from and you want to choose the top-rated options that are known for paying their affiliates.

There are two major options when it comes to Pinterest, you can either drive traffic directly to your website or to a merchant.

You absolutely want to check the terms of service for each affiliate network you join because you can be banned for promoting affiliate links.

When it comes to Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, I would highly recommend creating custom pins with With Canva, you can use Pinterest templates and promote different pins with different products and drive traffic directly to your website or to one of your merchants. In addition, custom and unique pins through Canva will drive more engagement including clicks, saves, and more.

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