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10April 2020

Pinterest Keyword Research

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If you’re a Pinterest user, then there’s a high chance that you’ve probably tried Google Keyword Research or some other paid keyword tool. If you’re anything like me, you probably went through some of the most mind-numbing experience ever on the search engines trying to find relevant websites and keywords.

I’ve actually heard it said that an hour spent looking for websites to market on the internet can take an hour just to make up. So why go through this trouble when I could spend a few minutes on Pinterest searching for appropriate keywords? And why pay so much for what is essentially a free tool?

You’d be amazed at the number of people who are doing research on Pinterest who actually get in trouble with Pinterest search results. So let’s take a look at how we can improve our Pinterest Marketing by first looking at Pinterest SEO.

Before anything else, let’s make sure that we’re not wasting our time. We want to know where we’re going wrong. To do this, we need to use something like Pipeline to check on our keywords.

We can use the free tools, but if we want the best keywords then we can’t go this route as it won’t give us anything more than what we’re currently using. For example, if we’re using just one keyword to market to our Pinterest group, we can’t expect the Pinterest team to work out what the competition is.

By using an advanced keyword tool like Pipeline, we can find out where our keywords are being searched on the web. And then we can make use of that information to figure out where we should be placing our ads and links to draw in customers.

In addition to this, by using a tool like this, we can also make use of other Google analytics to get a full picture of what pages and websites people are coming from and using to find what they’re looking for. If we’re missing out on these search results, we can spend time making up URLs and addresses to get them back.

I’ll talk more about how to use this kind of software in the next article, but for now, I’ll simply recommend that you’ll need to set aside some time for your Pinterest marketing. It’s a great way to get to know your customers and put your product in front of them in a very convenient way. So have a read of the last part of this article and find out how you can improve your Pinterest SEO.

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