Pinterest Keyword Tool – Maximize SEO For Pnterest To Drive Ecommerce Traffic

25August 2019

Pinterest Keyword Tool – Maximize SEO For Pnterest To Drive Ecommerce Traffic
The Pinterest Keyword Tool is a function of the guided search and how it delivers results. Applying SEO For Pinterest properly is a key strategy necessary to position your Pins to potentially drive a ton of FREE traffic..

The Pinterest Keyword Tool is a powerful way to rank your pins for better exposure on Pinterest as well as gain hard data and kw phrases for use to optimize your product pages on the marketplaces. Pinterest is a predictive visual search engine and an excellent new tool for you to use for keyword research for your products. The knowledge of how to use keywords on Pinterest will help you drive traffic to your product listings and content.

Pinterest was the #1 source of FREE Traffic in 2018 and will be in 2019 as well. Take advantage of the power of SEO For Pinterest in 2019 to drive traffic to your products or content. Ignoring the Pinterest Keyword Tool functions is the same as telling potential buyers to go somewhere else.

– 93% of Pinterest users utilize the site to plan purchases.
– 85% of users made purchases after seeing the item on Pinterest.

The half-life of a Tweet is 24 minutes
The half-life of a FB post is 90 minutes
The half-life of a Pinterest Pin is almost 4 months.

The Pinterest Keyword Tool is an integral part of maximizing the potential benefits of Pinterest SEO and greatly increases your chance of driving FREE traffic from the site.

Want to learn how to drive insane amounts of traffic from Pinterest to your products? Pinterest Traffic Domination is a FREE Pinterest Course that we offer to help you learn the platform including Pinterest SEO tips and how to position yourself to drive traffic to your content and products. We don not just teach you how to drive traffic, we focus on traffic that buys, not just window shops! You will learn valuable Pinterest marketing tips and hoe to leverage Pinterest for business

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