Pinterest Marketing Bangla Tutorial – How to Grow Your Business Account Step by Step

29May 2020

In this Pinterest Marketing Bangla Tutorial, I will share with you How to Grow Your Business using Pinterest. Subscribe My YouTube Channel:

Pinterest is one of the best social media for any business. But it is more powerful for e-commerce business owner. These social media have more than 150 million active users per month.

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00:40 Tips number 1: Create your Pinterest profile and make it professional. Make sure your account has a nice profile picture, Nice name, and a great keyword rich bio.

2. Convert your Pinterest personal account to business account. If you have no idea how to do it you can check out my videos.

3. If you are the first time going to create interest account make sure you creating a business account.

4. Check your privacy settings. Make sure it is off. Otherwise, Google will not index your account.

5. Pinterest Board is one of the best element for Pinterest marketing. Make sure your board is your main focusing keywords, your board title, the description contains your main keywords.

6. On the Pinterest, we can create pin so make sure your pin title and description is keyword rich and it contains some hashtags.

7. Add pin it button on your website.

8. Add Pinterest follow button on your website.

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