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23April 2020

How to make money with a home décor blog, craft blog, or as a DIY blogger and how to drive free Pinterest traffic to your site in one of these niches.

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DIY – Crafts – Home Décor? Are you thinking of starting a website in one of these niches but maybe you are thinking that they are too competitive? Or that you can’t make enough money with your passion, your hobby.

Your assumptions are totally wrong and I’ll prove you in this video today that you can
a) grow a website in these niches really fast and I’ll show you how you can do it with Pinterest free traffic and

b) I will show you that you can actually make a very good living running a website about the things that you love! I’ll show you a lady who managed to turn her hobby into a 7-figure business in just 3 years, and many other bloggers who paid off their loans and have built a new lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Here is the plan for our video today.

1. Income Growth Potential
First, I will show you the income potential of these niches. I like to start with inspiration and when you see a few real people and some details of their income streams, you definitely feel more confident starting your own blog or even eCommerce store in one of these niches.

2. How to Get Free Traffic Fast
In the second part of the video I will show you how you can use Pinterest the best way to get as much free traffic to your website as possible. I will also mention other traffic generating ideas that work great for these niches even though they might require more time and effort than Pinterest, so they could be your next steps after you establish your site on Pinterest.

So let’s dive into it!


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