Pinterest Marketing: How to Get Pinterest Traffic and Followers To Make Money

1January 2019

in this one we will be talking about how you can turn Pinterest in a money making machine. In this powerful video you are going to learn how me and my partner were able to combine the Facebook method with this Pinterest method to make $500 completely on passive income.

We didn’t know if we want to share this method because we didn’t use it that much, because we were focusing on other projects like the Facebook method that brought us a lot more money by the month. But we said “hey, maybe somebody will find this useful, grow it, and make a lot of money from it”. Make money, you shall.

00:00 – 00:48 What You Will Learn
00:48 – 00:53 The Gorgeous Intro
00:54 – 01:26 What Is Pinterest
01:27 – 02:32 How Pinterest Was Used Back Then
02:33 – 04:59 Making Money & Niches
05:00 – 07:04 Creating Your Account
07:05 – 09:22 Pinterest Boards
09:23 – 12:00 How To Make The Boards
12:01 – 16:16 Gaining Followers
16:17 – 17:04 Gaining Trust
17:05 – 19:15 How To Make The Money

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