PINTEREST SEO 2020 BEST STRATEGY | The Main Ranking Factors to Get Pinterest Traffic

28November 2019

PINTEREST SEO 2020 | The best Pinterest SEO strategy and the Main Ranking Factors to Get Pinterest Traffic. 🎁 Get PINTEREST SEO CHECKLIST HERE:

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Are you confused about search engine optimization (SEO) for Pinterest? Do you want to know what’s the best SEO strategy for 2020? What are the ranking factors on Pinterest and how does Pinterest algorithm work? What helps your pins show high in search results on Pinterest? Knowing these SEO factors, and including them into my Pinterest strategy, is exactly how I get over 300,000/mo pageviews of free organic traffic to my blog from Pinterest.

How does Pinterest categorize your pins?

1. Pin title
You could only use your Rich pin titles.
But you can also change pin titles now and pull them through Tailwind.

2. Pin Description

Sometimes Pinterest doesn’t show the pin description when you are trying to repin something inside the platform. If you see something like this I usually assume this is a temporary test.

3. Board Name or Title

You need to have as many boards that can support the amount of content on your website.

For each piece of content you are saving on Pinterest, you should have at least 5 boards on your account that would be relevant to it.

4. Board Description

A lot of people skip board descriptions, but it’s yet another place you can tell Pinterest what your pin is about, and you can have so many other related keywords in the board description, compared to the Board title. If you can use it to your advantage, why not?

Pinterest has lots of interesting information on its official Pinterest Engineering blog on Medium. It’s interesting but also, for the most part, it’s written for other engineers and is kind of hard to read for anybody else. But I like checking those posts because they often mention in them things that will help us understand what other parts of Pinterest SEO we might be totally missing.

In their post called Understanding Pins through Keyword Extraction, they mentioned several text sources they use to extract keywords.

I also believe that these sources are listed perhaps are listed in the order to show us the hierarchy of important text sources. So the most important are AND the URL of the page to which your pin is linked. In this sense, Pinterest is looking at your page URL for a focus keyword, just like Google would. We already talked about board name and description and the next one is something that Pinterest again is doing just like Google – they are checking your page title and description.

• Pin title, description, url
• Board name and description
• Page title and description of the link
• Search queries that frequently lead to clicks on the Pin
• Names of objects detected in the image using a visual classifier

5. The next interesting text source is Search queries that frequently lead to clicks on the Pin. So this is similar to Google’s user behavior factors when they are observing with which searches users on the platform associate this pin more often.

6. And one more text source they mentioned here names of objects detected in the image using a visual classifier. You probably noticed that when you save an image on Pinterest it will often show in related images something visually similar to what you have on the background on your image. Remember, Pinterest is a visual search engine, right? This platform works pretty well with visual content on your pins, it can often identify objects on the images. If you have a woman with a laptop on the photo, Pinterest will definitely recognize the laptop as one of the objects on the photo.

7. Pinterest can also read the text that you have on your photos, or the text overlay you added to the pin.

Pinterest is using a technology called optical character recognition (OCR). Here is a quote from the blog post: We leverage OCR techniques to extract text from the image to obtain descriptive information of the Pin.

8. Now another thing you need to know about Pinterest search results is that they are personalized. And Overtime these results will become even more personalized and relevant through advancements in machine learning ranking.

9. Pinterest is also assigning the so-called “interests” to pins and uses them as one of the ranking factors.

10. Pinterest is using user engagement factors to rank your pins. It understands which of the pins are best based on how many pins the pin gets, how many comments and tried it photos were added by users.

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