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21April 2020

Pinterest SEO Best Practices
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If you are looking for some easy Pinterest SEO Best Practices, I have some good news for you. The basics of Pinterest promotion are just as simple as social media marketing. Here are a few examples of Pinterest Optimization, so you can see what I mean.

When you Pin an image, it must be of high quality. You don’t want your user to click away from the page, because they aren’t getting the content they expect. The best way to attract users is by showing them something they will enjoy, that they can use and grow in the future. Also, don’t Pin the same image multiple times.

Pinterest Marketing placeholders. Yes, you can now use images on Pinterest. It’s called a “Pin” Share”. You don’t have to use your photo. Use a photograph, but add some content, like a few lines of text, maybe a few Pin icons, and then replace that text with a few numbers, or even some form of navigation.

Make sure you link to your website for Pinterest traffic. If you want to promote your product, you have to send someone to your site from Pinterest. Be sure to use the standard anchor text links (also known as HREF tags) to link back to your site.

If your Pinterest Pin has a lot of shares, you may want to get more traffic to your main site. Add more images to your site, add your site to social bookmarking sites, and you’ll get more traffic.

Blog comments. Blog comments are an excellent way to bring traffic to your site. By leaving a comment on a popular blog, you will reach a lot of readers.

Once you got your Pinterest comments on your blog, use them to get Pinterest referrals. If people follow your comments, you can then send them to your main site. Always link to your site first in your Pinterest comments.

You can also put a URL in the Pinterest post, which is equivalent to putting a link in your blog post. Adding your domain name to the Pinterest URL will give you more credibility, and create links to your blog.

Dofollow is a powerful new social media marketing tool. Dofollow allows you to Dofollow users, who follow you. Dofollow will send your users directly to your site, where they can find and purchase your products. You will never spam your Pinterest friends with Dofollow links!

Dofollow links, not links to your site, is better because it’s more likely that your Pinterest visitors will buy from you if they find your product on your site. If you’ve found a great product, use Dofollow to get more Pinter sales.

You should track how many visits you’re getting from Pinterest, and for each visitor who buys from you, find out how many of those visitors are also the top sellers on your main site. You’ll then know which visitors to send to your main site for a sale and that visitors to avoid.

Social media marketing, SEO, and Pinterest have all made it possible for anyone to make money from Pinterest. Even non-graphic designers can use Pinterest and get the most bang for their buck.

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