Pinterest Traffic Growth Hack – 100k Visitors a Month from Pinterest SEO and Pinterest Rich Pins

30November 2018

This Pinterest traffic growth hack drives over 100,000 monthly visitors to my blog, and it is super easy to copy for yourself.

Why Pinterest Traffic is the Most Valuable of all Social Traffic
Before I go into the details of how you can replicate the same strategy with your past blog posts, let’s take a look at why Pinterest traffic is literally 730 times better than the traffic from the other major social media players.

A post that gets shared on Facebook has an average shelf life of 3 to 24 hours. That means 24 hours after you share a post on Facebook you are done getting referral traffic. The half life of a Pinterest pin is 105 days. Over 40% of traffic that comes from a pin occurs between month 4 and month 24. Almost two years after you pin your blog post it is still producing referral traffic.

What Are Pinterest Rich Pins and How it Impacts Pinterest SEO?

A rich pin is essentially a pin that has extra information on it. There are six types of rich pins, which are for apps, movies, recipes, products, places, and articles.

Searching for Pinterest SEO Gold in my Pinterest Analytics Data

Now comes the fun part. Once I saw the big increase in Pinterest traffic from rich pins, it made me look deeper to see if there was a way to make the numbers go even higher.

On top of having the highest quality and longest lasting traffic, Pinterest also has the best analytics of any social media channel. It is easy to understand, and it breaks down all the key statistics that really matter.

The best practice is to use a cool or cute related photograph in the background, but, as I said before, there were over 1000 older blog posts that I needed to do this for. I made a judgement call to save time and money by using just text on a flat color background.

A few points to remember about the Pinterest SEO and images..

Tall Rectangles Work Best – 735 pixels wide by 1102 pixels tall is ideal image size for Pinterest.

Make Text Big and Bold – Look at your pins in the Pinterest feed to see how easy it is to read the title on your image. Your image will be resized for the feed and for mobile. The title needs to be legible in both.

Use Contrasting Colors for the Title and the Background – Keep your text white and use dark colors for the image background.

Increasing My Daily Pinterest Referral Traffic from 800 to Over 6000

Exactly four months ago, I started investing four hours a week pinning my old blog posts to Pinterest. For each post, I created a custom image using my Canva template that highlighted the title of the post. Then I would pin the titled image for that specific blog post.

I hope you enjoyed my Pinterest traffic strategy. This should give you a simple Pinterest SEO tactic that will drive a ridiculous amount of Pinterest traffic to your own WordPress blog in 2018.

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