Pinterest Traffic – How to Get Lots of Followers

3January 2019 shows you how do you get lots of followers?

It’s Easy!

Follow Other People

If you follow someone in Pinterest, there is a big chance that they will follow you back. A lot of people in Pinterest gains followers through this action. If you follow someone, the person will get a notification within Pinterest or via email. The email would contain a link to your profile. Studies show that majority of users in Pinterest, would follow back a person who is following them.

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Repin, Like, Comment

To get better attention, there is nothing more effective than re-pinning, liking, or commenting a post. Even if you are not following the person, you can get attention from them by sharing or liking their content. Posting a comment on a pin is a very good way of starting an interaction with anyone. This is a more personal approach to get followers.

Add “follow us” button on your site or blog. This works like the twitter “follow” button on most websites. This makes following you on Pinterest easier.

Create An Awesome Collection Of Content

To gain more followers, you should be creative! Your pinboards should be beautiful and eye catching. One important thing to remember; Pinterest is a female dominated site, at least for now. If you want to gain followers, you must target your boards for the said demographic. Recipes, wedding gowns, house decorations, plants, and other pursuits are quite popular. Having an eye catching pin would help you a lot in gaining more followers.

Use The “Invite” Feature Of Pinterest

Utilize the built-in invite feature of Pinterest to invite your friends from twitter, Facebook and/or your email contacts. One of the reasons for Pinterest’s attractiveness is that it is a purveyor of quality content. One of the ways they ensure that this state continues is by leveraging your social contacts. That is the reason why having a Facebook and/or Twitter account is a requirement.
Utilize the “@” symbol to interact with anyone you are following

The “@” symbol is also a built-in feature of Pinterest. This is one good way of engaging your audience. You can tag a person in the description field of your pin. The person will be sent a notification regarding the new mention. This is one of the best way to reinforce your relationship with fellow users.
Pins, as much as possible should be optimized to generate traffic back to your site. Now how do we achieve this?

Links. As discussed, a pin always has a backlink to the source. This is done automatically by Pinterest, but it would not hurt to always double check the link if it is pointing to the desired page on your site. Putting a link on the description also helps.

Watch Your Pin Source Ratio

Pinning something from your website should be done sparingly. The accepted ratio is 25% original pins, 50% repins and 25% pins from your own website. You would not want to overdo pinning content from your website because you run the risk of being labeled by your audience as self-promoter or spammer.

Image Quality Counts

Pinterest is all about images and videos. It goes without saying that the level of attractiveness of your account would rely heavily on the images that you pin. Make sure that the images or videos that you pin are of good quality.

Use Keywords In The Description

Pinterest has quirky search engine. If you search for a certain term, it would only display pins with your search term located in the description. Assist your audience/followers by using specific and descriptive keywords for the image you posted.

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