Please Help – 7 mo old babygirl, mommy and our 3 dogs need help desperately!

13June 2018

Please Help – 7 mo old babygirl, mommy and our 3 dogs need help desperately!

Please Help – 7 mo old babygirl, mommy and our 3 dogs need help desperately!
My donation link is below for anyone who is able to donate. Donation Hope: $15,000 Donation Goal: $8,000 to $10,000 ANYTHING WILL HELP IF YOU ARE WILLING TO THERE IS NO “SMALL AMOUNT”– WE NEED ALL THE HELP EVERYONE CAN GIVE!
am posting here because I am extremely embaressed about the entire situation I am currently in. My fiance was on probation for a traffic related non violent crime and is a legal and lawful gun owner. He was told to give up all of his guns as a part of his year on probation and I begged him to keep one at home for us to be able to protect our family should we ever need to. Police arrested him for this and he has been in jail just to see what the judge is going to do for two MONTHS now.
He wanted me to stay home with our babygirl after our son was stillborn at 33 weeks in September 2016. (Our baby Natalie was born Oct 2017!). I went out and was hired for a job at a gas station working from 3pm-11:30pm Monday through Friday. I only trust my Mom and Dad to watch our babygirl and even working over 40 hours a week, I am NOT making it.
Our gas was shut off over a month and a half ago (no hot water) and we rent a home my parents bought for us which we were supposed to buy but neither of us have a solid credit history. We have been together since I was 16 and he was 19. I am now 24 years old and I am begging for someone to please help us.
My Mom and Dad are not in good health and this entire situation has forced them into a rapid decline. It is EXTREMELY stressful and I was so worried about my Mom’s health BEFORE this happened that I made her go to the ER twice and the cause of her symptoms has STILL not been found. She keeps having chest pains and I am almost certain all the money she has been paying out to help us since this happened AND babysitting our daughter for us (5-7 nights a week because I do not have any air conditioner in our bedroom and I know having both my Mom and Dad there is much better than only having me to protect and care for my babygirl right now. My Dad has HBP and an aeortic aneurysm and high blood pressure and stress could push it to burst at any time. He went for another CT yesterday and now we wait to find out if he needs surgery or just monitored closely with scans.
I owe my parents over $6,000 on a credit card and they have paid for EVERYTHING for my babygirl and I since this happened, even our bills and told us not to worry about rent even though they are not making ends meet as is and my Mom has always been extremely stressed anytime money was tight and they are now maxed out on all credit cards. My Mom and Dad both work full time then they are coming home (I work 3-11:30pm) and babysitting a 7 month old baby. I am terrified of them dying as it is but with ALL of this stress, I know my Mom is on the brink of a heart attack or stroke at any time and my Dad is as well.
We also have 3 dogs and I will NOT get rid of my dogs – they are my family and I will do everything and anything to keep our family together.
I am hoping and praying I am able to receive enough money in donations to fully pay my Mom and Dad back, and also hopefully enough to pay our monthly rent $700, gas to get to work and back home, money to buy my baby Natalie her formula, utilities, and for our dogs food. I do not expect it but if I could make enough money in donations to temporarily only need to work part time until my parents are healthy enough and not dying from all of this stress – not coming home to my baby after having 4 kids of their own and doing SO much for all 4 of us, I even get extremely stressed out when she cries from teething, etc., and my Mom has been so depressed and does not even care to live at this point – she has ALWAYS been so optimistic, etc., She will die from this stress if I can not find some way and some how to afford to pay her and my Dad back ASAP and to live on my own without needing their help and without them coming home to my baby while I work full time and STILL can’t make a dent in ANY bills.
I applied for cash assistance and was told I would have to file for child support and explained I have no reason to file as we are together and my fiance has always and will always provide for our family. This is all killing him too and I HATE how much time I am missing from my daughter growing up.
I will include a picture of my babygirl (one as I do not like to put her picture on the internet for hopefully obvious reasons) and my 3 dogs. I am begging anyone and everyone who sees this, if you are here because you want to help another person in need, or an entire family in desperate need including our dogs, PLEASE donate anything you are able and/or willing to.
I will update this and/or remove it as soon as my fiance gets out of jail which unfortunately depends entirely upon his “gagnon II” hearing which is not scheduled until the very beginning of August 2018. :'(
Please if you have it in your heart and if you want to help a family who truly does need your money and your help, I will be forever grateful and you will not be throwing money at charity that usually makes the CEOs even richer and has a much smaller percentage that actually goes towards whichever cause you donate to.
I am remaining anonymous because I feel so pathetic and I am praying someone out there somewhere can help us. I am so scared my Mom is going to die over this :'( and I am only 24 with SOOO much stress as is. I feel like a failure and I know all of this should be our families problem yet my Mom and Dad are the ones taking on all or most of the burden. :'(
Thank you for all you are able to donate, if there is a way to contact me on this desperate plea for your help, please don’t hesitate to ask more questions as I myself have always been skeptical of donating to anything or anyone but I am willing to provide you with proof (without disclosing my name or identity, etc.,) of the entire situation and every aspect of it. Medical records with all personal or identifying info crossed out, bills due, missed rent payments, text messages, emails I have sent or received, etc., If you will donate with proof, please please ask for the proof and I will provide it however you need or want it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3 Anonymous Mom ***To prove I did experience all I said I did and I am begging for help for our family.. I created a blog after I lost my son to stillbirth at 33 weeks. I assume it could help to verify my story without revealing my identity. If you would like any type of reassurance I am a real Mom who is in desperate need of any and all help, visit my blog at – you will see I stopped updating in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy with my baby girl and I have been too busy since to update. Thank you! P.S. My fiance and I are not married so the link is in his name to protect my identity as well as our baby girl’s identity! PLEASE DONATE TO: To summarize, to be able to have breathing room, I would need approx. $15,000-$20,000. I know that is ALOT to ask which is why I hope you will just do the best you can if you find it in your heart to help us! To take a seriously huge burden off our shouders, $10,000 would help more than anyone reading this can, could or would ever imagine. Thank you so much! <3 Filed Under: Emergency Money

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