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25March 2019

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The fastest way to grow a blog in the entire world is with guest posting.

Guest posting is not easy and it requires quite a bit of work. In order to aid you in making guest posting a little bit easier, I have put together a tutorial on how to go about finding, securing and following through with excellent guest posts. I used this exact strategy to go from 2,000 to 10,000 subscribers on a gaming blog over the course of 6 months will well over 40 guest posts in that time period.

Find a Site

The best sites to submit guest posts to are: A. accepting them and B. blogs you already enjoy and read. Trust me, even if the site is huge, as long as they state that they accept guest posts then you should be able to get published there.

Do Your Research

You obviously will need to check out the sites you choose to write for and double check the requirements they have for guest posting. The last thing you want to do is waste everyone’s time involved by not following their instructions that are already posted. One final place to look for ideas is in the comments of the author’s blog posts.

Create an Initial Post

Once you have your ideas and are ready to write, you should take the time to outline and prepare the post properly. Get a main point and create various supportive bullets to go with the main point. Then write a paragraph or more for each part of the outline, as well as an opener and a concluding paragraph. Be concise, thorough, and make this post the best post you’ve ever written. It should be so easy to read that Grandma can understand the point of it, but be compelling and thought provoking at the same time. Once to get it just right, really push yourself and go at it more than.

Email the Author

All you have to do is say “Hello there, my name is Chris and I have written a guest post for you about the following subject. Could you review it and let me know if you ‘d like to publish the guest post on your site? If not, could you give me ideas regarding what kinds of posts you would like published on your site?

An alternative method to this direct approach of ‘guest post in hand’ is to come to the author and list a handful of post topics you ‘d be willing to write about. The blog owner can then pick and choose which one he or she wishes you to write about for their blog. I actually went this route with my first guest post here, at Traffic Generation Cafe.

Follow Up

Once a blogger accepts your guest post, you still need to follow up with emails as the date approaches that it is going to be published on. I can actually count on both hands the number of times my post was forgotten by the author and rescheduled, so now I like to remind them beforehand.

Answer Questions and Have a Discussion in Comments

After the post goes live you will still have work to do as a dutiful guest poster! You need to fuel the fire of conversation that your guest post sparks at the target site. Be helpful, genuine and do your best to keep a healthy conversation going.


Guest posting is hard work but it will grow you faster than any other form of online social activity. You’re basically being lent the credibility of the blog author and the time of a new audience, so if you do a good job a good 2-5% should follow you on the spot. What’s more, you’ll get a great back link to your site as well as hopefully a continued relationship with the author of the blog in question. Don’t stop guest posting though, keep at it and do it for as many sites as many times as you can.

In order to aid you in making guest posting a little bit easier, I have put together a tutorial on how to go about finding, securing and following through with excellent guest posts. I used this exact strategy to go from 2,000 to 10,000 subscribers on a gaming blog over the course of 6 months will well over 40 guest posts in that time period.

The best sites to submit guest posts to are: A. accepting them and B. blogs you already enjoy and read. Be concise, thorough, and make this post the best post you’ve ever written. An alternative method to this direct approach of ‘guest post in hand’ is to come to the author and list a handful of post topics you ‘d be willing to write about.

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