SEO Bytes with Nitin – The magic of Link Building

20August 2020

๐Ÿ”—๐Ÿ”—Link building is a sensitive topic, but it can produce magical results if done neatly. Do you have a clear answer on what’s right and what’s wrong, from a link building perspective? Do you know what works and what doesn’t? Let’s get answers to all these questions from 3 masters on the topic.
Hosted by the One and Only Nitin Manchanda.
0:00 The Magic of Link Building
2:50 Ross talks about interests in structured markup
3:30 Judith talks about myths regarding link building
5:30 Craig talks about his interests in affiliate and digital assets
8:57 Judith talks about Google’s emphasis on links, what’s right and what’s wrong
11:00 Judith: Do some research to build credibility
15:30 Judith tells about link outreach, briefing and measurement using data scores
18:00 Some wrong approaches in link building
20:00 What links to buy
26:15 How to define success or failure in link building strategy
28:35 Ross relates to Link building value for money
30:15 Converting a high da mention into a link
32:00 Ross talks about unlinked mentions
35:30 Nofollow vs follow (Does Nofollow boost PageRank?)
39:00 A powerful nofollow link sort to show some boost
42:30 What’s the Idle ratio of Follow and Nofollow links?
44:00 No hard and fast rule of the proper ratio between Follow and Nofollow links for any website
46:00 A reason behind the link one gets to their site
47:00 Low-quality links in bulk vs high quality in small quantity
48:00 Quality links matter but also those who send high converting traffic
56:00 Highest spent on a decent link

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