Show Me The Links: Q&A session

9March 2019

How do I evaluate whether or not disavowing URLs has benefited us? 6:01
Do you think guest posting on related industry sites is a good strategy for sites that have used blackhat SEO before? 9:05
Does Google ignore bad links or should you disavow them? 10:34
How do you calculate the value of a link? 13:47
What is EAT? 21:31
How do you brainstorm content ideas that will lead to people wanting to link to you? 25:12
Is there a minimum number of links that you want to get for each piece of content? 28:40
Links vs mentions and citations: do mentions and citations still have value? 31:28
What is the best method for determining your anchor text and how strictly do you manage this? 40:42
What do you think about putting links in existing content? 45:50
Is it better to continue to build links to a subpage that has a small number of referring domains or continue to build links to the homepage (which has a lot of links)? 52:32
What advice would you give developers who have a link on all the sites they develop? 54:32

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