Tailwind App for Pinterest Tutorial 2019

31July 2019

Check out our video where we cover Tailwind for Pinterest traffic. Our Tailwind Tutorial for 2019 will help you get started using Tailwind App so you can start driving traffic, leads, and sales to your website with Pinterest Marketing. Pinterest can be difficult to use, but Tailwind will allow you to schedule pins, link to your website, optimize your Pinterest boards, join Tailwind Tribes, and use your Pinterest Analytics to discover how to grow your Pinterest profile.
Tailwind is the marketing and analytical tool for Pinterest and Instagram. Let’s learn about tailwind app for Pinterest tutorial 2019.

Tailwind chrome extension is useful for this. Pinterest is one of the best traffic driving to websites. To make it better use tailwind app.

This app is used to schedule pins. At the same time, it has tribes which contain a group of people of the same niche. This app used to share blog posts between them.
Signup for Tailwind
Go to google and type as a tailwind.
Then signup with your Pinterest or Instagram account.
After that, you need to authorize the tailwind app on Pinterest.
Tailwind Tribe
Click on your tab, to see the tribe you have joined.
Then click on find tribe to find a new tribe on your niche.
After that click on join for joining a tribe
At the same time, some tribes need a request to join the tribes.
After that, you can also create a new tribe.
There you should give them a name, category, rules and then click on the create button.
In the sidebar, there will chat option to chat with your members of the tribe.
It also has a help button to help you.
There are 2 options, posts you pinned to tribes. Posts you reshared from the same tribe or other than tribe.
Pins scheduling using extension
Open your Pinterest account or any web page that has pics.
Then select the tailwind extension.
It will select all the images in a tab.
You should select the images to pin.
Then click on schedule button.
Here you need to select the board, change the description and title.
Finally, click on add to queue or schedule all.
This will automatically be added to your scheduling lists.
Now go to tailwind scheduling option and then drag and drop to change the position of the slot.
You can also pin now or else delete option.
Change pin slots, create boards
Go to pinning time and then delete the time slot
You can create your own slot by adjusting the slot.
To create a board, go to the star icon.
Then click on the + button and then add the board name and board list from Pinterest.
Smart loop in a tailwind
Pins added here will be posted regularly again and again.
The schedule is based on the pins in the time slot.
This will help you reshare your old pin regularly.
Here you will able to see the pins share and reshare.
At the same time, pins from other creators earned how much views.
This will also show you the no of followers, pins and comments growth.
In Pin inspector, it will show you the pins shared and then options to reshare to a tailwind.
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