Tailwind Pinterest Tutorial 2019 – How To Use Tailwind App For Pinterest Traffic

13March 2019

Check out our video where we cover Tailwind for Pinterest traffic. Our Tailwind Tutorial for 2019 will help you get started using Tailwind App so you can start driving traffic, leads, and sales to your website with Pinterest Marketing. Pinterest can be difficult to use, but Tailwind will allow you to schedule pins, link to your website, optimize your Pinterest boards, join Tailwind Tribes, and use your Pinterest Analytics to discover how to grow your Pinterest profile.

Tailwind App is a great tool for marketers and the pricing starts around $120 for the annual plan, but there are plenty of upgrades in case you want to take advantage of all the tools Tailwind has to offer.

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If you are asking questions such as What is tailwind app? What is tailwind SmartLoop? How do you schedule pins on tailwind? How many pins should I pin per day? What is a TailWind tribe? We have answered them all in the video. Tailwind App is a social media marketing tool that can be used for Pinterest and Instagram, but we focus on Pinterest in this video. Tailwind SmartLoop allows you to add your top pins into Tailwind so they can auto-schedule them to your profile each and every day, which helps you grow your Pinterest traffic quickly and effectively. How to schedule Pins on Tailwind is very easy, you simply have to go to the Tailwind Publisher, upload your pins, set the boards for your pins, add descriptions to your Pinterest pins, and update the URLs for your Pinterest pins.

The Tailwind weekly summary will show you how many Pins you have going out, your Pinterest following, and more data so you can see whether or not your Pinterest profile is growing. By keeping your schedule full in Tailwind and adding pins to Tailwind tribes, your following, repins, and Pinterest traffic will grow over time. With Tailwind, you can Discover new Content, Schedule Pinterest Posts, Monitor Conversations with your customers, Amplify the Reach of your brand, and Analyze your Pinterest Marketing Results.

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